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Volunteering in Boston: an experience to remember

DiegoKings Boston student Diego, from Colombia, tells us about his experience volunteering for local arts festival, Outside the Box.

I am Diego from Colombia, I have been in Kings College Boston for 7 weeks and everything has been awesome, the teachers, my classmates all the people are so good. My classes are dynamic, the teachers always look for a way for everyone in the class to understand and all the topics that I have learned have been helping me in my every day life.

My English now is totally better than the day that I arrived. My experience in Kings Colleges has been helping me in my role as a volunteer in Boston Outside the Box. Outside the Box is a festival that involves music, theatre, dance, chefs and other kind of artists.

One of the things that I did as a volunteer was give information about what Outside the Box was in the train station. I never thought that I would be able to give information in English and especially in a train station where you have to talk fast and clear. Another good moment was when somebody asked me for an address and I could give the correct instructions. These things make me feel that I am really learning English in Kings Colleges.


Original art on the wall of East 2 at Kings Boston

Mural by Leah Zobott in accommodation block East 2 at Kings BostonAs part of the refurbishment project of Kings Boston, we decided to commission original work to go on the walls of the accommodation blocks our students use on the Pine Manor College Campus.

We chose to work with students on the Illustration degree at the University of Brighton. Art and Design at the University of Brighton is ranked 9th in the UK by The Guardian University Guide 2013 and we were very excited by what the students would come up with. The brief was to create artwork to inspire a home from home feeling, promote multiculturalism and appeal to the young and diverse audience our students represent.

The response from the Brighton Illustration students was enthusiastic and we got a lot of excellent entries.

The first artwork to go up on the wall was created by Leah Zobott, an Illustration student from Minneapolis College of Art and Design, who was on a transfer to Brighton for a term of her degree.

The mural is now decorating a wall of a common room in Block East 2 and it is a homage to Boston, showcasing some of the city’s main attractions. We will be soon unveiling more!

For details about the refurbishment at Kings Boston, including a video and pictures, go to

For information about Art and Design at the University of Brighton go to

For information about the Minneapolis College of Art and Design go to


Boston: where my life has changed


Italian student Eugenio Fico describes the long-lasting impact of his experience in Boston, and his great respect for the people who he met.

All people have a story to tell; sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s sad. Ultimately, it’s all significant and  important because it is a story about LIFE. This is my story about how my life has changed through visiting this wonderful city (for the second time). My name is Eugenio, I’m in the Italian Military and I am studying English in Boston.

I’m here in Boston for my second time. Previously I lived and studied in the city for one month; it was by far the best experience I have ever had in my life.  Being an international student allows me to meet a lot of people all over the world, to socialize, to share and to empathize with different feelings and cultures.

Here in Boston, I met the most interesting and diverse people who gave me all of themselves. When I went back to Italy I went back as a new man.

This time round I’ve experienced a very different two weeks. I lived another experience that will change my life and my way of thinking about everything.

On Monday 15th April, as all Bostonians, I went to the famous Boston Marathon to celebrate the “Patriot’s Day” in Copley Square,where everyone watches and supports thousands of international runners, who arrived here from all parts of the world, to enjoy this unique event full of meaning.

Staying by the “finish line” I really appreciated how all people, American or not,were enjoying that wonderful day as I stood under my home country Italian flag. I was about to take a picture of the flag when I was momentarily distracted by two Italian runners. I thought it was important for me to congratulate these men on their triumphant effort and so I started to follow them from the sidewalk towards the area past the finishing line. When I arrived to congratulate them the first bomb went off. Initially, I thought it as firework but seconds later, the second blast happened.

All people ran away in a panic, I stayed there and my first feeling was that something really serious was happening!

My first instinct had been to do offer help; so I talked to an officer, I said to her that I’m in the Military and could I help or assist. she showed her appreciation but said everything was under control.

Meanwhile, ambulances and police arrived so fast and I started to see many injured people. Then I realized what happened! Only when I saw the video of the bombings that evening, did I understand how lucky I was that day.

The picture I have attached is important for me to save in my mind and it will remain with me all my life. I will not reminisce on the images of people screaming and injured; I want to save the memory of how lucky I am. I took this picture by myself on a cold, windy day in Boston Common during my first experience here. I remember it was “Thanksgiving Day” and because of that special day I feel the need to say to all Bostonians and all the wonderful people I have met, all victims and those injured; to you I say this simple word….”THANK YOU.”

Eugenio Fico


An exciting new look for Kings Boston


After several months of hard work, the renovation of Kings Boston is complete. We are delighted with the results, and hope that you are too!

Kings Boston enjoys a fantastic location on a safe, attractive campus in Chestnut Hill – an exclusive suburb of Boston. It has always had a friendly, spacious atmosphere and now also benefits from state-of-the art classroom equipment and a vibrant, contemporary feel throughout.

What’s new?

Classrooms and common areas

Ellsworth Hall is where all of the teaching and studying takes place at Kings Boston. It has been extensively renovated, and now offers:

• Newly decorated classrooms, all with interactive whiteboards
• A new Student Zone for chatting and relaxing with friends
• Wifi connectivity throughout
• A bigger Reception and Student Services area
• A cool, modern and bright feel throughout


The dormitories in the residence at Kings Boston have also been refurbished, and now benefit from:

• Newly renovated bathrooms
• New, modern furniture in the common areas
• New amenities in the student rooms
• A bright new colour scheme with fresh, vibrant graphics

Visit our photo gallery area for photos of the new-look Kings Boston!